Experiments…I do like to over-think and test things out. So much fun.

I did the dating site experiment, that wasn’t that much fun. Different and insightful though. Learned a lot about myself, got confused about the opposite sex more times than not, and also realize that maybe I am just going to have to be single for awhile longer.

I have been testing the non-smoker scene. This has been a lot more fun than the dating site deal. I have laughed at myself more times than not lately.

I laughed even more last night. See, I haven’t smoked in 16 days. Today would have been the 17th day, but did an experiment last night. Oh, I have been vaping – some say that’s cheating but I don’t give a rat’s ass about those people. It isn’t about them, this is my story and it will play out for me, not them.

Anyhoo, I decided that I wanted to smoke a cigarette yesterday evening, so I did. In my preparation for smoking, I paid attention to when I smoke, what I like about it and who I am with, etc. Not so I could find something to do instead of those things or change the situation around but to see if I really wanted to quit smoking.

Some of those things were that I liked the smell of the cigarette itself when I pulled it out of the pack, like the lighting of the cigarette and taking that first drag.

Yeah, not so much now lol.

I did the ritual part and thought, I don’t think this pack is fresh. That doesn’t smell like I remember. Then I lit it, that part was fine – the usual satisfaction, then I drew smoke into my mouth.

Oh my. First thought was “did I buy my usual brand”, then I thought maybe I got one of those ‘bad’ ones out of the pack and then I put it out and got another one. Same thing.

Those things don’t taste anything like I remember them tasting. I figure after two weeks I can actually smell and taste again so I am tasting and smelling what one actually, really and truly, tastes and smells like.

So, bottom line is that the only thing I still like about the smoking deal is lighting the cigarette and holding it my hand.

Those things are nasty tasting and smelling. I still have the smell on my hands and the taste in my mouth, oh my.

All I could think is “where is that wonderful fruity taste?” Oh wait, that’s the vape. So I am vaping again.

Experiment successful in more ways than not. So, for those wanting to quit smoking I recommend not making a fight out of it but a game. Test the waters. Go for a few weeks of not smoking, not being around smokers and then light one. It will make you realize just what you really liked about the whole thing. I don’t like enough of it to keep doing it.

So there. Still single and will be until I run into that special someone in person and a non-smoker.

Over-thinkers and experimenters rock!

Love and light to all!

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